Do you require a leaseback of the property to maintain commercial farming operations for a certain period of time?

Are there specific deed restrictions currently on the property or that will need to be implemented for the purpose of preserving the land?

We are well versed on the needs of providing information for estate planning purposes in the event of a land owners death in order to assist with reducing potential estate taxes or disposing of land asssets. We provide an in-depth analysis of the properties estimated value that can be used by the landowner’s heirs to assist with the estate valuation and potential sale.

Do you want to dispose of your current land holdings and place the funds into another investment to defer capital gains taxes? We have a wealth of resources and can place you in contact with attorneys that are focused on 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges. The 1031 exchange can also be used to sell current land and place the money into a large parcel of land to increase the capacity of farming operations.

Determining the value of farm land requires an in depth look into many different factors. We provide extensive analysis and lay out the details of our approach to your property’s estimated value. We go beyond what our competitors focus on to provide you with in-depth analysis detailing the estimated value and our goals in selling the property. Every property is unique and requires an attention to detail that will ensure no money is left on the table at closing.

Do the current owners have the mineral rights and surface rights? At a minimum, when buying property it is essential for the new owner to retain surface rights on the property in order to avoid issues with any future oil & gas wells placed on the property.

Are any parts of the property located in a floodplain. What percentage?

Are there current ag exemptions in place and will they be transferable to the new owner upon closing?

Are there utilities located on the property (water, electric, sewer, septic, etc) or are they in close proximity?

Are there any dedicated easements located on the property that would inhibit any kind of future use or development?

Are there any roadways or easements that the landowner has been approached by a government entity about acquiring. We’ve successfully negotiated on behalf of our clients in these matters to help our clients attain fair compensation for any land being obtained for roadway expansions or easements.

Are there items needed to retained upon closing (feeders, troughs, fuel tanks, etc.)? Or are there items that the buyer would like to obtain upon closing? Our goal is to help our clients achieve the most profitable sale and can structure the transaction to incorporate non-realty items at an additional cost or lump sum sales price.

Does the soil that is present work for the type of farming that you plan on doing?

Will any of the nearby properties interfere or affect the farming operation.

Groundwater contamination, and nearby dumpsites.