If not currently in place can water be accessed?

Access to property (such as crossing another person’s property, quality of roads, easements).

  • What is the minimum number of acres for hold ag exempt status?
  • Does property have an ag lease in place currently?

Does the property work for what you want to do?

Any deed restrictions in place?

Are they available?

Is any of the land in a floodplain?

Pens, blinds, feeders, troughs, fuel tanks, etc.

Surface rights, oil/gas lease in place?

Are there homes and improvements on the property requiring inspections

  • Zoning and other land use restrictions (pesticide use, burning, etc.).
  • Flood potential and drainage.
  • Old dumpsites on or around property that may contain hazardous waste.
  • Groundwater contamination.
  • Population growth potential.
  • What are the cow/acre requirements for this particular location/terrain
  • Uncontrolled hunting and fishing.
  • Low pH, high salt content, or low organic matter in soils.

  • Signs of game
  • Location
  • Land layout
  • Food and water sources
  • Cover
  • High fenced
  • Equipment conveyed
  • Adjacent properties