Determining the value of a home requires an in depth look into many different factors. We provide extensive analysis and lay out the details of our approach to your property’s estimated value. We go beyond what our competitors focus on to provide you with in-depth analysis detailing the estimated value and our goals in selling the property. Every property is unique and requires an attention to detail that will ensure no money is left on the table at closing.

All of our listings include a complimentary visit from our on staff staging consultant. The consultant will work within your budget to stage the home and maximize the selling price.

All listings include professional photography to highlight the features of your home. Properties over .5 acres include aerial photographs.

SRCLM will install a high quality, visible real estate sign. Homes over 5 acres include a 6×8’ sign to increase drive by awareness and marketing potential.

In additional to listing your property in the MLS database, your custom marketing flyer will be distributed to our email database, giving your home maximum exposure to interested buyers nationwide. Homes with over 5 acres are also listed on CoStar and LoopNet, a Commercial Real Estate listing service that opens up your property to out of market investors.

Unlike your typical residential Realtor, we will negotiate on your behalf in the same manner that we do for Fortune 500 companies. SRCLM’s extensive experience in multi-million-dollar commercial real estate transactions, gives us the edge to represent our clients at the negotiating table better than any “weekend warrior” real estate agent.

Do you require a leaseback of the property to allow for time to close on your next home? SRCLM can assist you with arranging the time you need to comfortably transition from one property to the next.

SRCLM has a qualified Real Estate Attorney on staff to assist you with contract review and with legal support that may arise.

Preparing strategies to ensure properties meet appraisal while obtaining above market pricing.

Ensuring that contracts are actually followed and are not just regarded as guides during the sales process.

Ensuring that the title companies are performing as required and providing critical dates lists and following the contracts

Making sure that in the event of default Earnest money is not regarded as the sole remedy when other options are available to ensure contract compliance.